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Gispol has launched an 'environmentally-sensible' line...

Booth 930

Stand spoting...

Onboard Hospitality

March/April 2019

IFSA 2019

Onboard Hospitality

September/October 2019

...the company is a leader in the inflight realm when it comes to sustainability.

...modular recycling center which can be customised

WTCE 2019

Booth 4E61

Hall A4

Onboard Hospitality Awards

Ones to watch 2018

Pax International

March/April 2014

Portuguese plastics manufacturer Gispol has reinvented itself as a more visible player in the inflight tableware market.

Leading manufacturer Gispol comes out of the shadows to pitch its range.

WTCE 2018

Booth 1F90

Hall A1

Onboard Hospitality

June/July 2018

Onboard Hospitality

September/October 2018

Molding the Future of

Onboard Service

Pax International

September 2019